The NBA has decided to make seniors in the NCAA opt-in for the NBA draft, instead of automatically being draft eligible due to the pandemic.

Last fall the NCAA decided to grant another year of eligibility for winter athletes. This means players for Alabama like Herbert Jones, and John Petty could technically come back for one more year.

However, Jones and Petty seem to be on track for the NBA after this season is over. Next for them is to opt-in properly to the draft to make the early entry list. The NCAA is changing the rules slightly due to players preparing to make the proper steps towards the draft process.

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Meaning, the players will of course need to be getting an agent in line to help guide them in various decisions. The big reason the rule was implemented is, because the NCAA has such strict rules on players and when they can hire an agent.

This allows them to formally opt-in rather than just being automatically eligible for the draft. Essentially they do not want players to be riding the thin line of a violation when in comes to the timing of signing an agent, and the paper work that entails.

There is still no set plan on when the players have to keep their name on or off the early entry list for the next upcoming draft.

The NBA season we all know won't end until July, and there is no set timeline for the combine or the format of it. This may leave some colleges uncertain about their rosters for the following season.

For Alabama's Jones and Petty, it should not mean all that much to them since they most likely will be entering the draft after this season. However, it is something to keep an eye on.




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