Today as we wait on the fate of college football in Tuscaloosa, I want to turn, even if just for a second, our attention to the National Hockey League. Over the past three weeks, the NHL has administered 18,514 COVID-19 tests with zero positives. The NHL is proving not only can you play, but you should!

If we take a look at how things have gone for hockey over the last few weeks, it is easy to see why they are doing so well. The NHL has not only been performing consistent testing on the players, coaches, and traveling staff but also utilized a biometric system to take players' temperatures and health information. There are also rules for social distancing, cleaning, and regulations for hotels and the arena itself.

The NHL begins their playoff format officially on Tuesday. Still, the testing per the NHL will continue:

"The NHL will continue to provide regular updates on the number of tests administered to players and the results of those tests."

Since moving to the bubble, we have seen that it can work and be productive. Can this work for college football here in Alabama?

The answer is the same as many others: Who knows.  However, what can be answered is the ability to play sports safely.

The NHL may be different than college football in many ways, but it has shown that if done the right way, we could see football in the fall.

Here is the full statement from the NHL:

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