Alabama head coach Nick Saban made his annual appearance at the Regions Tradition Pro-Am on Wednesday, and it was the first time reporters could ask about Tuesday's arrests of Cam Robinson and Hootie Jones.

"There's nothing really different on it," Saban said. "We're still gathering information about the circumstance and the situation, and we'll figure out whether there's something internally we need to do that's appropriate relative to what the situation is."

Robinson and Jones were back in their home state of Louisiana when they were both arrested on drug possession and gun charges. Saban made it clear that he'll handle player discipline the same way he always has as the head coach of Alabama, and that's internally.

During his tenure, Saban doesn't publically talk details of the punishment and said he wouldn't in this case, but he explained his method a bit more on Wednesday.

"If we can change their behavior based on what we do, that would be the perfect discipline. Discipline is not necessarily just punishment, which a lot of people view it that way. It's how do you change somebody's behavior so they have a better chance to be successful. That's the way we've always done it."


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