Alabama basketball is preparing to host a surprisingly good South Carolina Gamecocks team Tuesday at 6 p.m. at Coleman Coliseum. Tide coach Nate Oats met the media Monday. Here's a look at his remarks:

Opening Statement

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"South Carolina's only lost one game. They're playing well. They took a lot of transfers. Experience helps you win games in college basketball.

"They've got tough guard play and they're a very good defensive team. Toop 20 in the country in scoring defense. They're going to want to slow it down. We're going to have to do a great job on defense."

On the crowd

"I hope we get a lot of students. I think first class is Wednesday. It'd be great to see the student section packed. We need everybody to come out and get the energy in the building. It makes our players play harder."

On  Meechie Johnson

"He drives the ball with some force. He gets guys up in the air. Our guys have to be disciplined on shot fakes. We've got to keep our hands off and not collect fouls.

"We'll have go do a good job on BJ Mack in the post."

On competitive spirit

"Our practices are very competitive. We track blue collar points in practice. We need some guys that want to be the hardest playing guy on the floor.

"Aaron Estrada crushed everybody today with blue collar points in practice.

"We need people to want to be a great teammate."

On acclimating new players

"We should be acclimated but sometimes it looks like maybe we're not.

"The new guys don't know what SEC play is all about. These games are tough. It's not a breeze... not matter who you play, home or on the road.

"Our guys have got to figure that out. Our guys have got to get a little more killer instinct.

"Sixteen turnovers hurt our offense and defense, both."

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