Ole Miss responded to the NCAA notice of allegations on Friday in a 154-page document that included the reduction of 11 football scholarships over a four-year period. 

In the response, Ole Miss addressed the 28 total allegations leveled against the athletics program. 13 of those allegations involved the football team, but they weren't prior to Hugh Freeze's arrival in Oxford as originally after the initial notice was received in January.

As expected, many of the allegations center around former offensive lineman Laremy Tunsil. The first-round pick fell on draft night after his social media accounts showed evidence of extra benefits received at Ole Miss, which he confirmed in a post-draft press conference. 

Ole Miss claims that his stepfather, Lindsey Miller, used his relationship with to gain extra benefits.

"[Miller] used his relationship with [Tunsil] and [Tunsil's mother] to solicit and receive impermissible benefits," Ole Miss officials wrote in the NCAA response. "[Miller's] actions and the actions of these boosters were contrary to rules education they had received from the University.

The NCAA will have the choice to accept the school's self-imposed benefits or add additional sanctions to the program. You can read the Ole Miss response here.