Mere hours after the Big 10 made the announcement to cancel its 2020 fall season, the Pac-12 followed suit. According to Brett McMurphy of, the Pac-12 will make its announcement at 3:30 central time.

The Pac-12 had made plans to follow the Big 10 into a 10-game, conference only schedule, and now they follow the Big 10 in cancelling the season. The conference will attempt to play a spring season if possible, just like the Big 10.

Both conferences were reliant on medical experts who recommended the season not be played at this time due to the coronavirus pandemic. The doctors presented information on mycarditis, a condition of the heart that can manifest after having COVID-19.

The vote to cancel the season was unanimous according to Ross Dellenger of All Pac-12 will be postponed until January 1.

The Pac-12 and Big 10 have now cancelled the fall season, leaving the Big 12, ACC and SEC as the three Power 5 conferences who are still planning on having a season.

51 of the 130 FBS schools will now not participate in the fall football season when including the Mountain West and MAC in with UCONN, the Pac-12 and Big 10.

The Big 12 will be next to make a decision, their conference committee is scheduled to meet later this afternoon, it is unclear if they will leave the meeting with any decisions made today.

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