Nick Saban still doesn't send text messages, he's a novice emailer, but he's mastering the art of using Zoom and Facetime. Coach Saban has told the media on several occasions that he holds daily staff meetings on Zoom and uses Facetime to communicate with recruits in the evenings. Rick Karle of Birmingham's WVTM 13 reported the story of Saban using Zoom to meet and greet with a 103-year old World War II veteran.

Watch the video call below.

Saban compliments Major Wooten on his hat that is styled similarly to Saban's. Wooten annouced to Saban that he's been a fan of the Crimson Tide since 1938. Alabama has won 13 national championships during his fandom.

Major Wooten compliments Saban for his players and his accomplishments as Alabama head coach and Saban turns around and compliments the veteran for his service and commends him for landing on Utah Beach on D-day.

The two visited about Major Wooten mowing his grass on his riding lawnmower a few weeks ago, prior to Wooten entering the hospital.

Saban is a busy man but he still takes time out of his day to thank a veteran and show support to the men and women who built this country with their service. It may be a while before he masters texting and emailing, but by learning Zoom and Facetime he has keep himself technologically savy in this COVID-19 pandemic.

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