In nearly every offseason, Alabama head coach Nick Saban is tasked not just with replacing the talented players who leave for the NFL, but also the assistant coaches who leave to take other coaching jobs.

The end of the 2021 season proved to be no different, as Doug Marrone and Jay Valai both departed for other coaching positions. Additionally, Sal Sunseri and Drew Svoboda both were repositioned as "Sr. Special Assistant to the Head Coach" according to the Alabama staff directory.

Saban has since filled those positions with new coaches in offensive line coach Eric Wolford, tight ends coach Joe Cox, cornerbacks coach Travaris Robinson and special teams coordinator and outside linebackers coach Coleman Hutzler. In Sunday's media availability, Saban spoke about what the new coaches have brought to the staff and team so far, as well as why the continuity of coaches returning is important to the team.

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"First of all, I think continuity is important. I think it's important for players A) in relationships that they have, respect and trust that they develop in the people who are trying to help them be successful. Coaching is teaching. Teaching is ability to inspire learning, so to have that respect and trust, I think, is beneficial for all players. We've had a lot of changes here in leadership positions. We've made pretty good transitions in that regard," said Saban on Sunday.

"But I think to have the continuity on the staff enables you in the offseason to do a better job from a quality control standpoint of evaluating, what did we do last year? How could we make it better? And I think that's really, really one of the most important things that we can help ourselves systematically with."

He continued by talking about what each new coach has done so far in helping the team learn and develop this offseason.

"All the new coaches that we have... Wolf is really a good offensive line coach. I think he's developed really good relationships with the players. I like the progress that we've made in the offensive line," said Saban.

"Coach Cox is probably one of the brightest young guys that we've seen in a while, so we're glad to have him on the staff."

"T-Rob has got a really good relationship with the players. They relate to him really well. He's done a good job of learning the system. Having Charles Kelly there, too, in the secondary has been beneficial."

"And I think Coleman has done a really, really good job with special teams. His energy and enthusiasm and getting players to buy into playing special teams is one of the most important things that you do. Plus, I think we've improved ourselves systematically."

"So I think all the additions on the staff have been a real plus for us."

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