Alabama's run game has been the leader of the pack in college football and that's lead by junior Damien Harris with his 38 carries for 309 yards and six touchdowns.

Offensive coordinator Brian Daboll has utilized the run game since the Florida State season opener using Jalen Hurts, and their core group of running backs to share the load and ware out the defense throughout the game. Alabama is averaging 303.3 yards per game, 5th in the country.

Scouting expert Chris Landry joined The Game with Ryan Fowler for his weekly report to discuss Harris' improvement in the offseason to become the premier back, Daboll finding an offensive identity, and also break downs Ole Miss' defense and their upcoming match-up with the Crimson Tide.

Here are some of the major points Landry reported on this week:

  • Breaks down last week’s victory Vanderbilt
  • What he’s seen from the offensive identity under Brian Daboll
  • After a dominating victory, how will they transition to this week against Mississippi?
  • Anfernee Jennings and Rashaan Evans getting back into the defensive rotation
  • How to keep the running back core satisfied with touches
  • Damien Harris improvement going into this season
  • Ole Miss on the defensive side
  • How will the SEC mash on a national scale and who can compete with Alabama at this point?
  • Has Auburn’s offense improved after last game?
  • Who grabs his attention outside of the conference?
  • LSU Tigers performance so far this season?
  • Alabama/Ole Miss breakdown

For all of Chris Landry’s reports watch the video above and don’t miss the Landry Football Weekly Report every Wednesday at 4 p.m. CT on The Game with Ryan Fowler.

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