As the college basketball regular season starts winding down, the talk about who's in and who's out of the NCAA tournament is heating up. The SEC isn't known this year as being a "powerhouse" conference, but which teams will represent the SEC in the big dance?


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    Kentucky Wildcats

    Well, this one is pretty obvious. Kentucky is head and shoulders above the rest of college basketball. Not often can observers legitimately say that a college team could beat the worst professional team, but John Calipari and his Wildcats could give the current worst team in the NBA (New York Knicks) a run for their money.

    McMoney's predicted NCAA tournament seeding: 1

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    Arkansas Razorbacks

    The Razorbacks are a solid basketball team. They have a nice complement of size along with their good guard play on the perimeter. 6'11" center Bobby Portis is nearly unguardable, and the high flying 6'7" Michael Qualls is a mismatch for just about anyone in college basketball. If you're looking for a semi-Cinderella story come tournament time, take a chance with Arkansas.

    McMoney's predicted NCAA seeding: 6

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    LSU Tigers

    Rebounding is the key factor in the game of basketball, and LSU can definitely pull the boards. Averaging 40.3 rebounds/game, the Bayou Bengals can hang with anyone in the country simply because they can prevent second chance points on the defensive end of the court, plus they can get extra chances on the offensive end of the hardwood. They only have one player, Jarell Martin, who is 6'10" or taller with significant playing time, but that doesn't prevent this squad from producing on offense, dishing out 16.3 assist/game and 74.9 points/game, good enough for 15th and 37th in the nation, respectively.

    McMoney's predicted NCAA seeding: 10

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