The COVID-19 pandemic has caused everyone to evaluate their personal health and immune system. Do the risks you take in your day-to-day life outweigh the threat of the coronavirus?

The SEC announced today that its member universities will honor the scholarships for athletes who elect not to participate in athletics this year due to health concerns. The action was unanimously passed in a vote of SEC Presidents and Chancellors following a recommendation of the Conference's Athletic Directors.

SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey released a statement on the matter via Associate Commissioner Herb Vincent.

“SEC universities are committed to full support of its student-athletes, whether or not a student-athlete decides to participate in sports during these uncertain times,”  “SEC student-athletes have frequently expressed their desire to compete, but it is important for student-athletes and their families to know the financial support committed to them by their institutions will not be at risk because of health concerns presented by the current pandemic,” said Sankey.

The athletes who opt not to play will remain in good standing with their team according to the Conference.

This allows players more freedom for those who are immunocomromised or who might have family members who have compromised immune systems. Some athletes have young children and could possibly put their child's health at risk.

This policy applies to fall semester athletes and the SEC said they will determine at a later date if the policy should be extended to the Spring semester for 2021 or beyond.

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