The wait is over as the Alabama Crimson Tide will begin their quest for their 18th national championship and we find out the number one topic in college football, who will be the starting quarterback between Jalen Hurts and Tua Tagovailoa?

The Crimson Tide and whoever will be under center this weekend first test will be against Bobby Petrino and the Louisville Cardinals. The Cardinals finished the last season 8-5 and will have a new quarterback under center in Jawon Pass after 2016 Heisman winner Lamar Jackson left to the NFL Draft, going in the first round to the Baltimore Ravens.

The Crimson Tide are the heavy favorites going into this game down in Orlando, find out how out Tide 102.9/100.9 staff has starting off their season with a victory.


Martin Houston, Host of The Blitz

The season is finally here and the biggest prediction is not related to the score, but related to who will be the starter at QB. I’ve wavered back on forth on this, but going with my most recent prediction. This prediction has little to do with the outcome because I think this Offensive Unit will be led by a much improved passer or a generational talent. This game will have a few anxious moments for the Tide, but look for the young Alabama secondary to get their legs and settle in on Bobby Petrino’s offense. Behind a devastating pass rush and an explosive offense, Alabama starts their national championship defense with a lopsided victory. Oh yeah, I believe Tua starts for Tide, but wouldn’t be shocked if Jalen or both run out on first play.

Alabama 55 - Louisville 17


Barry Sanderson, Co-host of Inside the Locker Room

Whenever you give Coach Saban this much time to prepare his team is dominate. I look for both quarterbacks to play extremely well and this defense make yards very difficult for Louisville. The Tide will get four turnovers and this one will be over early.

Alabama 48 - Louisville 13


Wimp Sanderson, Co-host of Inside the Locker Room

Alabama will be solid on both sides of the ball. Look for Bama to dominate in the running game and force Louisville into several offensive mistake.

Alabama 46 - Louisville 14


Gary Harris, Host of the Gary Harris Show

I'm going to predict that both Tua Tagovailoa and Jalen Hurts play in the first half against Louisville. I also believe both quarterbacks will be effective against the Louisville defense. Alabama's offense will roll against the Cardinals to the tune of 45 points and 500 total yards. The issue for Alabama will be on defense. The secondary is just too young and inexperienced to get through this game without giving up a couple of big plays. The Cardinals will need more than a couple to be competitive for four quarters in this game though.

Alabama 45 - Louisville 20


Travis Reier, Host of Southern Fried Sports

Shortly after this game was set in stone, the Lamar Jackson Show got underway in Louisville. Three years and a 2016 Heisman Trophy later, Jackson left UL with a year of eligibility remaining. His successor, Jawon Pass, is a physically impressive signal caller who has a big-time talent to work with in wide receiver Jaylen Smith. It's along the lines of scrimmage where the Cards won't have near enough.

Alabama 41 - Louisville 17


Ryan Fowler, Host of The Game

Experts in the desert think that Alabama is 25.5 points better than Louisville, I agree with them if Tua Tagovailoa is the starting quarterback. The Crimson Tide has dangerous weapons on offense and Louisville lacks defensive talent to slow down the Tide. I do believe there will be some growing pains for Bama’s defense. Alabama is Tua much for Louisville.

Alabama 42 - Louisville 14 


Ben George, Digital Managing Editor and Host of The Odds Hour

So glad that this offseason is finally over and we can actually talk about what’s happening ON the field again. When I look at this one, I think two things. First, there are a number of question marks for Alabama – from QB to secondary to special teams. That presents some concerns, especially when you look at this one from a point spread perspective. But the second thing I feel is that a lot of people are over thinking this one. Go back through Alabama’s success in this opening game matchup against better teams than Louisville. Consider how much talent the Crimson Tide will field even if there’s not a ton of experience yet. And finally, think about all the weapons on offense. It’s hard for me to think that Louisville will keep this game within four touchdowns. Give me the Tide to win comfortably in week one.

Alabama 48 - Louisville 17

James Hardy, Producer for The Blitz/Inside the Locker Room/Gary Harris Show

Both teams will have young, inexperienced players along with new faces in their coaching staffs. What always makes a difference in football is talent and depth and Alabama has more of both than does Louisville. Bobby Petrino's offense is always a threat to score from anywhere on the field, but the difference in the game will be how Louisville's offensive line matches up with Alabama's defensive line. If the Cardinals can't protect the quarterback, it will be another solid Crimson Tide season opening win.

Alabama 41 - Louisville 17


Marquis Munson, Brand Manager and Producer for The Game

Both teams have growing pains they'll be looking to fix throughout the season. Louisville will look to test their new quarterback in Jawon Pass who all though isn't Lamar Jackson, he will be a great player for the Cardinals for the next few season. As the Cardinals test Pass' arm, the Crimson Tide will look to test out the young secondary which I believe will struggle at first, but will catch their stride throughout the season. I think Alabama's offense is too much for Louisville's defense with Damien Harris, Najee, and a core group of wide receivers including freshman Jaylen Waddle. And I think regardless of the quarterback for the Crimson Tide, they get the job done in Orlando.

Alabama 45 - Louisville 14

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