Tom Brady

Howard Requests a Trade
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers recently acquired the most successful quarterback in NFL history. Shortly after acquiring Tom Brady through free agency the Bucs traded for Rob Gronkowski. This likely knocks former Alabama tight end O.J. Howard down a peg on the 2020 depth chart at tight end. According to J…
Which Dynasty Will End First?
Former Alabama fullback Martin Houston, producer James Hardy and Tide 102.9 intern James Fletcher dive into whether Bama's and New England Patriot's dynasty will end first.
Tom Brady has Top Spot on NFLPA Top 50 Player Sales List
NFL training camps have been open for less than a week and Tom Brady is already on top of the league once again.
The Patriots' superstar quarterback ranks No. 1 in merchandise sales in a list compiled by the NFL players union.
The list is based on total sales of all officially licensed NFL player…
Tom Brady the Latest Star to Be on Madden Game Cover
Now, Tom Brady truly has reached the pinnacle. At least in the eyes of his video game-loving son.
To the joy of 9-year-old Jack Brady, the five-time Super Bowl champion will be the cover athlete for Madden 18 , following his Patriots teammate and buddy Rob Gronkowski...
NFL: Tom Brady’s Missing Super Bowl Jersey Found
The search for Tom Brady's missing Super Bowl jersey is over.
The NFL says it was in "possession of a credentialed member of the international media." The league did not elaborate in its statement on specifically who had it.
The NFL says the jersey was found through the "cooperation of …

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