On Monday, the Crimson Tide football team continued their series of special guest speakers with a special guest with a medical background- the United States Surgeon General. While Surgeon General Vice Admiral Jerome Adams is no Michael Jordan, the world-famous basketball player that joined the Crimson Tide on Zoom last week, Adams was able to provide the team with wisdom that is highly sought after in a world where medical safety is more important than ever.

Along with Jordan and the Surgeon General, the Crimson Tide has been joined by many special guests including Stephen A. Smith, Charles Barkley, Condoleezza Rice, and Nike founder Phil Knight. This time, however; Surgeon General Adams complimented the team on their athletic facilities.

“You are very lucky to have the resources at the Alabama Athletic department,” the Surgeon General said. “Your risk in practice is lower than what it would be out in the community.”

The Surgeon General’s words check out as well. Since Alabama started their official practice on Monday, fans have noticed the lengths that the team is going to stay safe throughout the season.

From releasing their scheduled opponents by wearing the team’s logo on a mask in short videos on the Twitter account to the Alabama Twitter account posting a photo of Nick Saban in his usual practice attire and a face mask, it is obvious that the Crimson Tide is trying to have fun while simultaneously staying safe.

While Alabama was originally looking at a September 5th start date for the season, the Crimson Tide is now eyeing a September 26th return to play.

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