The Alabama Crimson Tide basketball program has made it to Indianapolis ahead of the start of the 2021 NCAA Tournament. Part of what is different this season is the entire tournament will be held in one location to limit travel plans and attempt to reduce the risk of COVID-19.

Twitter found itself in a stir today when Matt Norlander of CBS Sports revealed a text message showing displeasure in the sustenance provided to the programs who had entered the Indianapolis bubble. Some have used context clues to guess that the complaining coach is none other that Alabama's Nate Oats.

Whether Oats was unhappy with his meal or not, what happened next was less than savory.

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Twitter user @GeauxcoachO decided to take a shot at Oats by degrading his wife and his taste. Crystal Oats did not take kindly to the anonymous Twitter user attacking her with a low blow out of left field and took the opportunity to respond.

The Crimson Tide head coach has been candid about his wife's battle with cancer and how that has helped shape him into the man he is today. Oats credits the battle with helping him deepen his relationship with God and become a stronger father.

It's an exciting time at the Capstone across several sports but it's important to remember that life is often much larger than what happens between the lines.

The Alabama vs. LSU rivalry was an intense battle on the court this past weekend, but the words typed and sent by this anonymous Twitter troll were simply uncalled for and out of line.

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