Alabama's first Heisman Trophy winner, Mark Ingram, has had an incredible NFL career. Ingram is entering his 11th season in the professional ranks and is set to play for his third team this season in the Houston Texans.

While Ingram is enjoying the offseason, the lovable running back has run into a roadblock. Ingram took a flight to make some appearances and partake in events and United reportedly failed to put his checked bag on the plane. Ingram tweeted at the company to complain about not having his luggage and his clothes

Ingram's complaint was met by former NFL player Chris Long's scrutiny. Long suggested Ingram just simply purchase more clothes as he has been in the NFL for quite some time.

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Long changed his Twitter handle to appear as if he were tweeting on behalf of United Airlines but ultimately the jig ran up as Long changed his handle back to his name.

United Airlines ultimately did chime in on the Twitter thread and luckily Ingram will be reunited with his luggage.

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