Tim Brando of FOX Sports joined Ryan Fowler inside "The Game" to discuss all the happenings in college football this offseason, and also to give his thoughts on the idea of a commissioner of college football.

The conversation concerning the sexual assault allegations surrounding Baylor University was the primary talking point during this interview, but when it comes to discipline and punishment across the board in college football, Brando talked about the need for a centralized source of power and rules, and that it should come through the presence of a college football commissioner.

"We need one voice. We need stability and we need uniformity in governance so that when penalties are being doled out, either because of problems on the field or off the field, they need to be consistently dealt with. And that means we need a commissioner in college football."

College football has become one of the most popular sports in the country, and with this growth in popularity, the current commissioners of the Power 5 conferences are portrayed as the most powerful members of the sport. Brando proposed that the power that these conference commissioners have will need to be focused into a single point for one person to manage, and going through with that is the problem.

"Now, in order to do that, you've got to have I think a willingness of those in power to relinquish some of that power, and that, I believe, is the issue. Power and control are such an incredible force... I do think that we've reached the time now that college football is worth way too much, not just athletically but academically to these institutions now."

You can listen to this conversation in the video below, and you can also hear the interview in its entirety in our podcast center.