One of the topics involved his intense ability to focus on the task at hand. He described how that was developed while working for his dad and playing youth sports during his childhood in West Virginia.

Often times, people who exhibit the ability to focus at an exceptional level are described as grinders.

On Wednesday’s edition of Inside the Locker Room, former Auburn head football coach Tommy Tuberville offered his observation of what he calls Nick Saban relative to his ability to focus.

“Ultimate grinder is what I call him.” Tuberville said.

During his 10 seasons as Auburn’s head football coach, Tuberville squared off against Saban a total of seven times with Tuberville taking four of the seven meetings.

Auburn’s former head coach noted a trend among his assistant coaches that he saw when they left the Saban’s coaching umbrella.

“I’ve hired some coaches that have worked for him. He is really focused every day on what he wants to do. He wears his coaches out.” Tuberville said.

After 10 seasons of the Nick Saban Era in Tuscaloosa, Tuberville shared his observation as to Saban’s firm control of Alabama’s football program.

“He runs the show. You can tell that.” Tuberville said.

Throughout his conversation with Wimp and Barry Sanderson, Tuberville spoke about Alabama’s ability to attract blue chip recruits, Saban’s ability to effectively use the resources available at Alabama and the situation involving the Ole Miss football program and the NCAA.

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