Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville is working with congress to help promote NIL regulation for college athletics.

He discussed the issue last Thursday on "Inside the Locker Room" with hosts Wimp and Barry Sanderson.

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"We have a number of people in legislation who really don't care," said Wimp Sanderson, "and a number who really don't understand." Sanderson asked Tuberville the likelihood that the law will actually pass.

"I think we've got a chance," said Tuberville, noting that at this point it's "just a sales job." He described how he and Joe Manchin (Democrat, West Virginia) have spent a lot of time talking with people on both sides of the aisle.

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Joe Manchin and Tommy Tuberville

A big part of these talks is spent just explaining the problem, Tuberville explained. "Most of them have no clue what's going on."

However, talks have become more difficult as many Democrats have turned against Joe Manchin. Originally, Tuberville explained they wanted "to do it as bi-partisan, so we could get from both sides of the aisle."

Republicans seem to understand the problem "a little bit more" though, Tuberville noted.

Understanding the nature of the situation also means addressing the role of the transfer portal. Barry Sanderson asked how regulation of the transfer portal might affect legislation.

Tuberville recounted how the proposed laws are based off what the coaches want. "The main thing I heard from most coaches," said Tuberville, "is that we've lost control of the team. There's no accountability anywhere."

"There's gotta be some kind of penalty for breaking the contract, or we'll be teaching these young men and women to quit," he said.

"So we'll see," Tuberville said. "We're gonna try to do the best we can at marketing this."

Listen to the full interview with Tommy Tuberville:

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