Fox Sports’ Tim Brando recently called out SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey for his communication of schedule changes in the league. 

Brando says that “everybody in the media” anticipated an announcement for the move to the nine-game schedule. But this is not what happened. 

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Wimp Sanderson brought Brando on “Inside the Locker Room” this morning to provide further insight.

“We should have unanimity and stability with college football scheduling as we move forward.”

Instead, Brando says that Sankey yielded to the school presidents in the conference. 

“All they know is how many titles they’ve had…and if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” Many schools, Brando says, are just worried how this change will affect their bowl eligibility. 

Sankey’s lack of a clear and unified plan with the conference is part of a bigger issue. As SEC officials lobby in congress for NIL regulations, Brando says that a united league is key, but college football is "anything but a united front.” 

Brando believes Congress has more important issues to focus on than to “get through the weeds” of college athletics. 

He said Sankey has done well of unifying the league in the past.

Sankey’s leadership during Covid-19 was particularly admirable. “But,” Brando says, “I just didn’t see that this past week.” 

Listen to the full interview here: 

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