As sports return to action across the country, protecting the athletes from COVID-19 infection has been paramount for each organization and university in order to have a successful season. Major conferences like the Big 10 and Pac-12 have opted not to play in the fall due to uncertainty in their ability to keep its athletes safe.

At Florida State, questions have been asked if the football program is following the health and safety protocols to the best of its ability to keep its athletes safe.

Seminole wide receivers Tamorion Terry, DJ Matthews and Warren Thompson have raised questions and concerns that the Florida State program has not been truthful about positive COVID-19 tests and the program's health and safety protocols.

Photo Courtesy of @Warrenj11_
Terry's mother, Cindy Rewis echoed her son's concerns, tweeting, "we want answers and we want the truth!"
Joe Gaither
Several Seminoles players have come out in defense of the program and made it clear they feel safe playing at Florida State. Cornerback Jaiden Woodbey and defensive lineman Marvin Wilson took to Twitter to offer their perspectives.
Joe Gaither
Joe Gaither
It is unclear if the wide receivers will opt-out of this season or not. Players have the option of retaining their scholarships if they choose to opt-out of the season.
Transparency will be key to making this season work as the trust between players and university leadership will need to remain high.
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