The COVID-19 coronavirus has forced America into adopting social distancing and shutdowns as the current normal. Businesses are closed, sports are cancelled and social gatherings have all been postponed. This sequestered way of life has made us all look forward to the day things are back to normal.

Meetings and briefings have been held and plans have been made for a return to American commerce and day-to-day freedoms. All sports are cancelled but everyone is eyeing the horizon when football is supposed to be played. Will it be safe for the athletes to play? Will it be safe for the fans to be in attendance? Is the new normal games with half-full stadiums? President Trump answered that question today and name dropped the school that hosted him and his family at a game last season.

"Our normal is if you have 100,000 people in an Alabama football game, or 110,000 to be exact. We want 110,000 people there. We want every seat occupied. Normal is not going to be where you have a game with 50,000 people," said President Trump.

President Trump visited Byrant-Denny Stadium last season for the Alabama-LSU contest that captivated the country. Trump was honored in pre-game by a rousing ovation by the crowd.

Byrant-Denny Stadium's official occupancy is 101,821 people when it is full. The Crimson Tide's first home game is scheduled for September 12 against Georgia State.

The Alabama Athletic Director Greg Byrne tweeted a response to the president's comments.


Did President Trump's experience at Bryant-Denny Stadium leave a lasting impression and create a new Alabama fan?

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