As Alabama football nears the halfway point of spring practice, one of the most recognized individuals in professional sports butted heads with Nick Saban and Alabama football.

A representative for NBA forward LeBron James sent a letter to Alabama claiming that the football program’s trailer for “Shop Talk” utilizes concepts and ideas from an episode of “The Shop” on LeBron James’ digital media platform “Uninterrupted”.

During Tuesday’s post-practice press conference, Saban addressed the issue and stated that the Crimson Tide would continue doing the “Shop Talk” series.

On Tuesday’s episode of The Gary Harris Show, Tuscaloosa attorney Paul Patterson discussed the legalities of the feud between Alabama football and LeBron James.

In the conversation with Gary Harris, Patterson discussed his personal background as a son of a barber, the past cultural impact that barber shops would have in their communities.

After detailing the fundamental characteristics of a copyright, the Tuscaloosa attorney stated his opinion of whether LeBron James can claim his “Uninterrupted” episode of “The Shop” as a copyright.

“It’s got to be something unique, and this is not unique.” Patterson said.

Patterson also touched on whether the dispute between the NBA star and Alabama football would ever see a courtroom.

“I don’t think LeBron will ever go down the legal avenue here, number one because of the damages. What’s he going to claim? He makes $100 million a year off the court, so how is he going to claim that his copyright has been infringed upon by Alabama by doing something of this nature?” Patterson stated.

The attorney for Deontay Wilder and Marlon Humphrey later brought up the concept of fair use and how Alabama isn’t using “Shop Talk” as a revenue generator for the football program.

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