Two months after saying he wouldn't rule out a possible run for governor, Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox officially announced he's forming a committee to explore his political future in this state.

Maddox, 44, released a video explaining his decision and outlining his plan moving forward.

"Wherever this path may lead, it is undeniable, that as Alabamians, we deserve better," Maddox said in his video.

As the mayor of Tuscaloosa for nearly 12 years, Maddox seen the city and the University of Alabama grow and develop at one of the fastest paces in the state. He also helped navigate the city through the devastating tornado in 2011 and has led the rebuilding process that's still ongoing today.

One of Maddox's biggest hurdles is his political affiliation. The state hasn't elected a Democratic governor since Don Siegelman in 1998, but Maddox said he would not change his party to appease voters. He'll likely be running against Alabama's current Republican governor, Kay Ivey, who took over the office after Robert Bentley resigned in April.

This announcement comes two months after Maddox joined the Steve Shannon Morning Show in Tuscaloosa and wouldn't deny the possibility of running for governor.

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