We salute local runners representing Tuscaloosa who achieved the ultimate goal of finishing the Boston Marathon today! Let's recognize them and share a highlight photo gallery from this most prestigious running event.

The Boston Marathon really is the Super Bowl for runners. You may wonder, why is this one such a big deal compared to the many other marathons run in cities around the world? For one, its the longest active annual marathon in existence. The other thing, it's so HARD to earn a spot! Once you're in, good luck with grueling 26.2 mile course with its famous "Heartbreak Hill" towards the end (just when you're already worn out).

The Boston Marathon isn't just any marathon, it truly is a badge of honor. I really admire those who have accomplished it, or should I say, CRUSHED IT!

Let's salute these Tuscaloosa area runners who finished today with excellent times!

  • Ben Walters / finish time: 3:26:25 (average pace per mile: 7:53)
  • Nichole Bauer / finish time: 3:36:53 (average pace per mile: 8:17)
  • Will Gardner / finish time: 3:38:07 (average pace per mile: 8:20)
  • Glenn Dodd / finish time: 3:56:49 (average pace per mile: 9:02)

If I left anyone out from around West Alabama, let me know and I'll be sure to add them to the list to be recognized!

Congrats to the top finishing male Lemi Berhanu Hayle of Ethiopia with a time of 2:12:45, and the top female Atsede Baysa of Ethiopia with a time of 2:29:19.

Checkout our highlight photo gallery from the 120th Boston Marathon!

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