A week after the decision to re-open Ole Colony Golf Course was made, Tuscaloosa County PARA decides to re-open the Tuscaloosa Tennis Center. The Tuscaloosa Tennis Center will open back up on Friday. Much like the golf course opened with restrictions, the tennis center will also open up in a limited capacity.

Opening the tennis center in Alberta is a small step to getting back to normalcy and gives the public another outlet to burn its energy while maintaining social distancing. With walking trails and the golf course open it was only a matter of time before the tennis center followed suite. Lets look at some of the new guidelines the center is implementing in order to return to some normalcy.

  • There will be no weekly clinics.
  • Only the outdoor clinics will be available for use.
  • Outdoor courts will be open for reservations, PARA members may reserve courts up to three days ahead of time, non-PARA members can reserve them one day ahead of time.
  • Courts will be limited to four players max. An instructor will be allowed for groups of three or less.
  • Patrons are asked to mark their tennis balls in order to limit people cross contaminating balls.
  • The public is required to bring its own water bottles and ice.
  • No equipment will be available from the Tuscaloosa Tennis Center, including racquets, ball hoppers and teaching carts.
  • No showers will be available for use.
  • Payments will be limited to checks or credit cards only. No cash.
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