I was down by The Strip earlier Today, and I said to myself, "It's been a while since I've had myself a Gyros, think I'll stop by get one at TUT'S". However, when I got there, Tut's was no more!

Instead, I was greeted with the sight that you see above. "Coming Soon Philly Boyz Cheese Steaks", is what the sign on the door said, but all I could think about was, "I WANT A GYROS RIGHT NOW! WHERE THE HELL IS TUT'S?!" 

Now, I'm not sure how long Tut's has been closed, (I don't get down to The Strip as much as I used to),  and I'm not sure when Phlly Boyz will officially be open for business. All I know is that Tut's is no more.

Here's a video of the renovation from the new restaurant's Facebook page:

Tut's has been a mainstay on The Strip since 1985. Personally, I've always enjoyed a Gyros or Philly Cheesesteak there, and the price was very inexpensive. My first few years here in Tuscaloosa, I ate there quite often. But in the past few years, it's been pretty infrequent. However, today when I was CRAVING one of their Gyros, and I found out that I'll never have another Tut's Gyros ever again, it hit me pretty hard.

So, I took to Facebook to do some investigating WHY Tut's had closed, and I saw this message written by Tut's most recent owner, who posted on someone's wall: " This is Ash the owner of tuts I sold tuts 2 months ago due to family emergency, the new owner is doing some remodeling and he will open back soon I appreciated your business and support during the time I have my restaurant'". 

THAT was it, and now, Tut's is Officially Closed, and I'm sad. All I can think about at this moment is not having a Tut's Gyros today, and THIS song by The 80's Hairband, CINDERELLA...

R.I.P. Tut's :(

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