As the O'Bannon vs NCAA case rolled through day three, former Alabama wide receiver and playmaker Tyrone Prothro took the stand as part of group of players siding with Ed O'Bannon. 

Be forewarned. His testimony doesn't reflect well on The University of Alabama.

However, this case and others over the past few years have shown that the problems discussed on Wednesday during Prothro's testimony aren't exclusive to Alabama but rather part of a much bigger issue across college athletics: demanding student-athletes put sports first but expecting them to treated like regular students.

CBS Sports football writer Jon Solomon has been reporting on the trial from the courtroom and his updates are eye-opening. Before you read some of the highlights of today's proceedings, read Solomon's 2011 story on why Prothro joined the O'Bannon group in the first place.

Alright, here are some of the biggest takeaways from Solomon's reporting on Twitter:


That was just some of the conversation before the NCAA lawyers began cross-examination and a focus on all of the benefits Prothro received that aren't quantified.

The entire discussion is fascinating and completely worth your time to read Solomon's timeline from start to finish. The more we hear from this case and others, the clearer it gets that the NCAA doesn't plan to back down from its stance on education and college experience being the fair compensation for student-athletes.

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