Graduation is one of the most important days for students and family to celebrate all their hard work through four years of college.

Athletes probably have the hardest time having to juggle both school and performance in their perspective sport, so it has to be refreshing when a player can not only walk across that field or court, but to also be able to walk across that stage for graduation.

With graduation season approaching, Coach Gene Stalling joined The Game with Ryan Fowler for his weekly segment to share his favorite memory as a head coach and it wasn't beating Miami in the Sugar Bowl and winning a national championship, it wasn't beating in-state rival Auburn, it was watching his players graduate.

"The real joy that I got out of coaching was seeing a player graduate," Stallings said. "The games is for the players, not for the coach, but to see that player graduate and become successful in whatever field and life that he chose to do, that was a real pleasure I got out of coaching."

He followed that about with talking about the season in 1992 when they defeated Miami and the hardship they went through that season and also discusses the Jeremy Pruitt hire at Tennessee and wants to get a hold of him to tell him congratulations, and also takes listeners calls.

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