In the tale of two games, the Alabama Crimson Tide pulled off the win against the Georgia Bulldogs to win their 17th title. With the victory many question came out of that game down in Atlanta.

Scouting expert Chris Landry, who has worked with Saban in the NFL, joined The Game with Ryan Fowler for his  weekly report to discuss Alabama defeating Georgia and the change in pace in the second half, Tua and Jalen competing for the starting job, and Saban among the best coaches of all-time.

Here’s what else Chris Landry broke down on his weekly report:

  • recaps Alabama/Georgia
  • Tua/Jalen Quarterback Competition in the Spring
  • Jalen’s skill set at another position
  • Damien Harris staying for his senior season
  • Could Brian Daboll be a head coach or NFL coordinator again
  • Is Nick Saban the greatest college coach of All-Time
  • Defensive coordinator spot at Alabama

For all of Chris Landry’s reports watch the video above and don’t miss the Landry Football Weekly Report every Wednesday at 4 p.m. CT on The Game with Ryan Fowler.

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