Former Tide star Jaylen Waddle joined teammates to offer assistance to the site of a devastating building collapse in Miami earlier this week.

The partial building collapse happened, seemingly, out of the blue last week, and while investigators try to pinpoint a cause, frantic rescue efforts continue to recover the almost 150 people still missing. 18 have been confirmed to have died in the collapse, and with the last survivor found pulled out about a week ago, prospects are grim for those still unaccounted for.

As these efforts to recover bodies continue, workers on the scene and the families impacted by this disaster have understandably been struggling with the ordeal. That is where various athletes have stepped in and contributed, such as Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro offering to help with recovery efforts, and Dolphins player Jerome Baker as well as Waddle delivering water and drinks to the disaster site. Despite this horrible tragedy, it is always good to see athletes rallying around their city in times of need.

Waddle has already been a hot topic this offseason for wildly impressing his coaches and teammates. Signs of the broken ankle he suffered against Tennessee are gone, as well as the limp he played with for his limited snaps in the national championship game against Ohio State. Miami and Alabama fans alike couldn't be more eager to see the reunion of a fully-healthy Tua Tagovailoa and fully-healthy Jaylen Waddle, a duo that scorched college football in 2018.

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