Alabama head football coach Nick Saban has been an open book on his weekly radio show Hey Coach on the Crimson Tide Sports Network and this Thanksgiving week episode was no different.

Saban, joined by special media guest Tide 100.9 FM radio host Gary Harris and the voice of the Crimson Tide, Eli Gold, implored the Alabama fan base to enjoy winning and support the football program even though the Tide has had several close games this year.

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The seven-time national champion has discussed many times the importance of respecting winning each week by playing the correct way each week. Although the 2021 edition of the Crimson Tide has had its weeks where it hasn't played as well as the fan base would like, it's still very important to appreciate winning.

"When I came here, everybody was happy to win a game. Now we're not happy to win a game anymore, we're not happy to win a game at all. We think we should win games by, whatever and I don't think that's fair to our players either. Because our players work their butt off to be the best that they can be and to get criticized for what they work hard to do so that you can be entertained. So that you can enjoy and have pride and passion for what they accomplish and what they do and they're not perfect, they're just college students. They go to school every day, they've got to study, they have to run extra after practice if they miss study hall, I mean, come on, give me a break. This is not professional football, these guys aren't getting paid to play here, they're representing you all, you should be proud and happy to support them. And appreciate what they do and have some gratitude. And you know what else? Nobody wants to win worse than they do. Not me, not you, I don't care what kind of fan you are. Nobody wants to win more than the players that play, nobody. And nobody feels worse than they do when they lose, nobody. So, for all you self-absorbed folks out there that can't look past your own self to appreciate what other people are doing. "

Alabama has played Florida, Texas A&M, LSU and Arkansas to a combined margin of victory total of 15-points causing some to question if this year's Crimson Tide team is championship worthy.

This year's Crimson Tide team has all its goals right in front of them.

The Tide already won the SEC West. Alabama next has its biggest rival  Auburn on deck for an opportunity to go undefeated against the Tide's main three rivals, Auburn, LSU and Tennessee for the ninth time in Saban's tenure at Alabama.

Alabama has a date with the No. 1 team in America, the Georgia Bulldogs, in Mercedes Benz Stadium on Dec. 4 for the SEC Championship and a spot in the College Football Playoff on the line.

Alabama has built one of the greatest dynasties in college football history and while the Tide may not be blowing teams out at the rate of the 2020 squad, the Crimson Tide still has all its goals right in front of them.

Hey Coach can be heard on the Townsquare family of networks on Tide 100.9 FM and 95.3 The Bear each week. Be sure to Tune into The Gary Harris Show on Friday at 9 a.m. on Tide 100.9 to hear his thoughts on being right next to Saban as this past week's special media guest.

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