In less than four months, Nick Saban will begin his second decade as the leader of Alabama’s storied football program.

In his first decade in Tuscaloosa, Saban has recorded 119 wins on the field compared to 19 losses en route to four national championships and five SEC championships.

A big reason for his success has involved numerous top ranked recruiting classes and the development of stars like Julio Jones, Amari Cooper and Donta’ Hightower into NFL caliber players.

During Thursday’s edition of The Blitz, recruiting reporter Hank South updated the status of several prospects in the 2018 signing class.

He also took a stab at finding the answer to what makes Nick Saban great at recruiting. Based on numerous discussions with past recruits, South described a common leadership trait that recruits associate with Alabama’s head football coach.

“A lot of them say the vision he sets. He’s such a good vision setter for telling these guys what’s going to happen if they come to Alabama, like what he expects of them.” South said.

The recruiting reporter further elaborated on how Saban articulates his vision with recruits.

“You talk to 99 percent of these guys and the conversations with Nick Saban aren’t even about football. He tells them about how you come to Alabama, you’re going to get your degree. You’re just going to be a successful person, and you’re going to play football as well.” South said. “He’s really good at conveying that vision to these kids, and he wins over their parents when doing that to.”

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