I think they look pretty good.

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I get it, I get it.


No doubt about it.

Nick Saban has said many times that he thinks the tradition should not be messed with by anyone.

I LOVE ALABAMA FOOTBALL. As much as anyone. I just do not see the problem with having fun.

Alternate uniforms are fun for fans. So many schools have done the alternate uniform thing. Notre Dame is pretty steeped in tradition too, yet they unveiled alternate uniforms in 2021 dubbed "the shamrock series".

SEC schools, Big 10 schools and just about every major conference has done it.

Nike designed a mock-up helmet, in black, that I thought looked pretty dang cool.

BLACK IS JUST BAD...WELL...YOU KNOW. To the bone, I guess.

Photo: UI Customs
Photo: IU Customs

Nike did this uniform concept a few years ago.


Photo: Nike
Photo: Nike

That's not the worst uniform I have ever seen.

Some other concepts, I haven't really been a fan of, but they tried at least.


Photo: Saturday Down South

I vote for black if we ever do any alternate concept.

Photo: Saturday Down South
Photo: Saturday Down South

I also like the idea of doing something with our throwback jerseys. You could modernize a classic or just let the team wear throwbacks one Saturday each year.

Photo: Saturday Down South
Photo: Saturday Down South

The NFL started doing this back in the 1990's with great success, and great additional revenue.

I'm not saying Alabama athletics needs extra cash, but a good alternate uni will bring just that. LOTS OF EXTRA CASH.

It doesn't make me any less of an Alabama football fan because I support having fun with an alternate uniform. So you can stop that right now.

I appreciate the tradition and the iconic look of our Crimson Tide.

I just believe you can do two things on the same team. Am I crazy here?

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