The game of the week without a doubt is the strongest rivalry in the SEC East, formerly known as the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.

When the Georgia Bulldogs and Florida Gators meet in Jacksonville, a trip to Atlanta will be on the line. Both teams are without a doubt the strongest programs in the eastern division and the winner would be expected to finish its season 9-1 as it heads into the SEC Championship game.

Georgia carries a 3.5 point advantage according to the oddsmakers. It's all for not though because the Florida Gators are winning this football game.

Say what you will about the Bulldogs defense, it is impressive. However, when faced with a juggernaut offense a few weeks ago in Tuscaloosa, Kirby Smart's schemes weren't enough. Alabama posted 564 total yards of offense on the way to a 41-24 victory.

The Florida Gators sport arguably the second-best offensive attack in the SEC. Football fans across the country know the Kyle-Kyle Connection is one of the most fierce in the nation. The duo has combined for seven touchdowns, and with 18 of his own, quarterback Kyle Trask isn't far off from the Heisman Trophy race.

Through four games, the Gators offense has averaged 476 yards per game. Only Alabama and Ole Miss are better in this regard.

While reaching those heights against the Bulldogs is anything but easy, the advantage for the Gators lies on the opposing offense led by Stetson Bennett IV.

While Bennett isn't a bad quarterback, his poor second-half effort against Alabama is a strong indicator that he isn't cut out to handle a fourth-quarter comeback, much less a shootout. Florida has scored at least 20 points in the first half of each of its four games this year. In contrast, Georgia has only scored 20 points or more in the second half of two games: Tennessee and Arkansas, two teams in the bottom half of the conference.

It wouldn't be a wild argument to suggest both the Vols and the Razorbacks sport better defenses than the Gators. However, neither team is capable of creating an insurmountable lead.

With Kyle Trask at the helm, the Gators have a fair shot of creating separation. Florida does that, the Gators win.

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