The University of Auburn is scrambling to rebuild its football program. In just one day, Auburn fired head coach Bryan Harsin, fired offensive coordinator Eric Kiesau, and hired former Mississippi State Athletic Director John Cohen for the same job. Cohen has already narrowed down his head coaching search to one man, Ole Miss head coach, and former Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin.

If I were Kiffin though I would never take the Auburn job because of two reasons, freedom/stability, and expectations.


At Ole Miss, Kiffin can build his program the way he wants and with all the time he needs. One of the biggest issues with Harsin's term on The Plains is that he had no time. Harsin was fired by Auburn after only 21 games. Most coaches even in the NFL have at least four years to show improvement. For example, Herm Edwards, the Arizona State head coach, was fired after an overall record of 26-20. Ole Miss though gives Kiffin and his family something Auburn can never do, job security. Even after Ole Miss lost to LSU in a game they should have won, Kiffin was not discredited by the fanbase or boosters. Auburn on the other hand was at Harsin's head after every loss. Another thing Kiffin can do with this freedom is recruited who he wants and build the program the way he wants to build it.


This is the main reason why Kiffin or anyone should really take this into consideration. The expectations for Auburn are SEC West contenders and more. The problem with this is Auburn is nowhere near the top of the SEC West. Currently, they are tied for the worst team in the SEC West and nowhere near bowl contention.

The biggest problem with Auburn football though is their rivals being great. If you talk to an Auburn fan, the two biggest rivals are the Alabama Crimson Tide and the University of Georgia. To put it in perspective, Alabama has been to seven of the eight College Football Playoffs and Georgia has been to two. The big one though Alabama has won six National Championships in thirteen years, and Georgia is the reigning, defending national champions. This is the main reason Harsin was fired, he was nowhere near the level of Alabama and Georgia.

Whoever becomes the next coach of Auburn will have the same thing, if you are nowhere near Alabama and Georgia then good luck keeping your job. At Ole Miss, they have no big expectations. The last time the Rebels even won the West was 54 years ago. Kiffin who is building a top-ten team in Oxford is the most popular man in Mississippi.

If I were Kiffin, then I would stay at Ole Miss. They are currently a top-ten team and last year even went to the Sugar Bowl. Kiffin can stay at Ole Miss, do solid, and whenever Saban retires, become a top candidate for the Alabama job.

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