Will Anderson is no stranger to big time contests in college football, but after a nail-biting victory on the road, he showed nothing but praise for the atmosphere created by fans in Austin.

When asked about his experience during the game Anderson said, "this is probably the loudest environment I've played in [and] the hardest game I've played in since joining college football."

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Anderson's praise of his opponents' fans and the environment they brought in for the 11am kickoff bodes well for the team that is lined up to join the SEC in the next few seasons. The environment gave the Crimson Tide fits throughout the game and resulted in near record 15 penalties with Anderson accounting for almost a third of them.

Anderson believes that the defensive unit's chemistry on the field played a large part to the team's success. The defense adopted a "bend don't break" mentality and refused to allow Texas into the end-zone more than one time.

Anderson said he was "not locked in" early in the game and the mentality resulted in two early offsides calls that gave the Longhorns free first downs. The Crimson Tide defense struggled at times with getting to the quarterback. Anderson thinks they need to work on finishing pass rushes and getting more pressure on the quarterback.

Anderson finally tallied his first sack of the 2022 college football season after not recording one in the first game against Utah State. The projected top five pick has garnered the attention of many blocking schemes to keep him out of the backfield.

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