Aaron Torres of Fox Sports Radio joined Ryan Fowler on The Game yesterday to talk about college football and give his thoughts on the upcoming football season. You can hear the entire interview on Soundcloud or the Tide 100.9 Youtube Page.

Torres is based out of California and described for the listeners what his experience has been in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent shutdown. Fowler announced that there was 122 days until college football is scheduled to kick off and gave his opinion that the Crimson Tide would be ready for the season open, but he wondered if the Southern Cal Trojans would be ready to have the opening game as scheduled.

Torres expressed his opinion that college football would start on time and that USC would indeed be ready to play Alabama on week one as presently scheduled.

Torres cited the rapidly changing climate of the pandemic and said it would be difficult to predict how much change may take place between now and September 5. He stated that big money supporters of Southern Cal will likely push their weight around to ensure that the team gets to start on time.

Torres doubled down his college football take by saying he believes college football will allow fans into the stadiums to watch the games. He stated that he believes students will be back on campus and therefore they will be in the stadium to watch the games.

Listen to the full interview on Soundcloud or on Youtube. You can listen to The Game with Ryan Fowler on Tide 100.9 FM or stream it anywhere on the free TIDE1009APP.

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