The University of Alabama Athletics department has released its level three and four NCAA violations that each program has committed over the last calendar year. The Crimson Tide disclosed six violations across five sports, football, women's soccer, women's crew, and men's and women's track.

The football program reported that a coach had impermissible contact with prospective recruit. The coach was reprimanded and contact with the recruit was limited.

The women's soccer program replied to an email to a prospective athlete prior to the allowed date. The coach was reprimanded and contact with the recruit was limited.

The crew program had two violations, posting a graphic of an athlete prior to receiving the athlete's national letter of intent and requiring a workout during final exam week. The staff member was reprimanded in both cases and the athletes athletic hours were cut in the earliest possible week.

The men's track program allowed four athletes to practice prior to signing drug-testing consent forms, requiring the staff to review certification processes.

Lastly, the women's track team had an athlete miss a class to participate in practice, requiring the athlete to to miss athletic time the next week.

Level three violations are considered infractions that result in minimal recruiting, competitive or other advantages, level four violations are considered minor violations.

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