This week, Alabama System chancellor, Finis St. John, was invited to a White House summit to discuss the reopening of schools.  With COVID-19 cases on the rise everyday, many people, including President Trump, have the same thing on their mind: Will we have college football this year?

President Trump stopped to ask St. John whether Alabama would be playing this season or not amidst the summit and in response St. John had this to say, “ Mr. President, that’s not the first time we’ve heard that question, I can promise you. We are planning to play the season at the University of Alabama. We understand that creates great difficulties and complexities and we’re hoping for that. It’s important to a lot of people. We’ll do our best on that one.”

As of now the season is still scheduled to kick off in the fall; however, in recent weeks talks have emerged about a possible move back to spring.  Although a move to the spring may be on the table for some schools, Alabama appears to be full steam ahead for a football season this year.

In the coming weeks we will have a better understanding on the viability of a 2020 season, but for now everything appears to be going according to plan for Alabama to suit up in September.

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Alabama's 2020 Football Schedule



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