Alabama fans are still coping from Monday night's 2022 National Championship loss to Georgia 33-18; however, for a few former UA players, the loss might be a blessing in disguise.

There's a conspiracy theory that starts to float around this time of the year, dealing with Alabama and professional Alabama, aka the New England Patriots. The idea is that the Crimson Tide's season can tell the Patriots fate. Every year the Tide wins the championship, the Patriots lose the Super Bowl; but every time Alabama loses, New England wins the Super Bowl.

Coincidence? Probably, but the evidence and history to back it up is pretty convincing. Since the start of the College Football Playoffs, this concept that the two teams switch off championships has continued to hold true.

2014: Alabama lost to Ohio State in the CFB Playoff semifinals 42-35; the Patriots won Super Bowl, defeating the Seahawks 28-24.

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2015: Alabama wins the national championship, defeating Clemson 45-40; the Patriots lose to the Broncos 20-18 in the AFC Championship- the Broncos go on to win the Super Bowl.

2016: Alabama loses the national championship to Clemson 35-31; the Patriots win Super Bowl 51, defeating the Falcons 34-28 in OT.

2017: Alabama wins the national championship 26-23 in OT against Georgia; the Patriots lose Super Bowl 52 to the Eagles 41-33.

2018: Alabama loses the national championship to Clemson 44-16; the Patriots win Super Bowl 53 against the Rams 13-3.

2019: The only year the pattern did not stay. LSU beat Clemson 42-25 in the national championship and the Chiefs beat the 49ers in Super Bowl 54 31-20.

2020: Alabama won the national championship against Ohio State 52-24; the Patriots did not make the playoffs and the Buccaneers beat the Chiefs 31-9 to win Super Bowl 55.

2021: Alabama lost the national championship to Georgia 33-18; the Patriots are to be determined, but have a date with Buffalo on Saturday for wild card weekend...

The New England Patriots will take on the Buffalo Bills on Saturday night for the first round of the NFL playoffs. The game kicks off at 7:15 p.m.CST and is aired on CBS.

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