Alabama recently finished a $16 million construction project around the Mal Moore Athletic Conference and now it's time to show it off to the country. Jeff Allen, Associate Athletic Director and Head of Sports Medicine, kicked off a video tour on social media this week detailing the features of the new Sports Science facility.

The facility offers a brand new training room, with a new taping area prior to workouts and practices. There are 16 treatment tables to serve and treat its athletes who are dealing with injuries and ailments.

Director of Football Rehabilitation, Jeremy Gsell then took the lead on the video to show off the state of the art rehabilitation area. Gsell has been working with the Crimson Tide for 15 years when a player is injured he is in charge of helping the football players return to action.

Gsell showed off a floor for exercising. It is marked in order for athletes to use less equipment and get through rehabilitation exercises more efficiently.

On every television in the facility displays the constant reminder to wear a mask. Keeping players safe through the facility will be paramount to a successful season.

Director of Sports Science, Dr. Matt Rhea commented on the video saying its the best facilities he's ever seen.

The program has now shown off the renovated locker rooms, and a small portion of the sports science facility. We look forward to seeing the rest of the episodes to get an even better look at the sleep therapy, the mental health side and the science side of the strength and conditioning.

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