I know you all have your gameday traditions and many of them have been disrupted this season due to the strange times we are living in. Whether it is wearing the specific gameday outfit, listening to the gameday playlist or radio program, tailgating on the quad with the same group of friends and family, or convening with friends in the stadium who have shared the same seats for years, everyone has their gameday routine. Most of these gameday routines have been thrown off or cancelled entirely due to COVID-19.

My gameday routine? I must have Big Bad Wolves' Barbecue prior to walking into Bryant-Denny Stadium.

Whether its a delicious sandwich or the classic barbecue nachos there is nothing like arriving down at the strip ahead of kickoff time and heading over to Houndstooth to get a taste of that delectable pork.

This past Saturday as I was preparing to head down to the strip all I could dream of was inhaling an order of nachos. Those crispy chips with the succulent pork, melted cheese sauce, spicy peppers and tangy barbecue sauce. Nothing gives me energy to stay for four like Big Bad Wolves' Barbeque.

Photo Courtesy of @bannybuc on Instagram
Photo Courtesy of @bannybuc on Instagram

You can imagine my dismay when arriving to the strip and resting my eyes onto Houndstooth and seeing no Big Bad Wolves' setup. Houndstooth was relatively empty, there was no smell of meat smoking in the back and my spirit was crestfallen. Like so many other people, my gameday tradition had been put on hold.

The Tide ultimately rolled over the Texas A&M Aggies on Saturday but my stomach was left unsatisfied. Questions swirled in my mind, is this just for 2020? Will Big Bad Wolves' return to Tuscaloosa for the next home game? Has COVID-19 put my favorite gameday business out of business?

For the sake of my taste buds and my belly I certainly hope the pop-up barbecue spot returns and resumes being a prominent part of my gameday experience.

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