Earlier this week, Oklahoma State head football coach Mike Gundy announced the transfer of sophomore safety Thabo Mwaniki from the Cowboys football program.

In his reaction to Mwaniki's transfer, Gundy stated how he believes that liberalism in the world is allowing young people in general to become non-committal, soft, develop an entitlement mentality and not have to battle through tough issues in life.

During Tuesday's edition of The Gary Harris Show, host Gary Harris along with producer James Hardy and Tide 102.9 production assistant Trey Yanity examined Gundy's comments along with providing an assessment of how modern day society has affected the culture among college football players.

The trio touched on numerous areas affecting the culture of college football including the differences in the mindset of previous generations compared to today's generation of college football, the evolution of how kids are raised, how the non-committal attitude is prevalent among coaches as well as players and how today's culture could affect college football in the future.

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