Eryk Anders was deafeted at UFC Fight Night 172 by KrzysztofJotko. Jotko won via unanimous decision after landing far more significant strikes in the bought 54-25. Both fighters entered the middleweight matchup on a two-fight win streak but Jotko's strategy paid off to end Anders's winning streak.

Anders and Jotko were previously scheduled to fight in Portland, Oregon on April 11 but had their fight cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead the two squared off in Jacksonville, Florida tonight in a rescheduled event.

UFC Fight Night 172

The two middleweight's had a highly contested first round in which both fighters landed significant blows but neither were able to gain control. Anders controlled the middle of the octagon in all three rounds but Jotko's movement made him a hard target to connect with.

UFC Fight Night 172

Anders pushed Jotko to the fence in all three rounds but was unable to take him to the floor to secure a takedown. He was 0/5 on take-down attempts for the fight. Anders did control Jotko in the clinch for over five minutes in the fight but was unable to turn the advantage into anything damaging.

Eryk Anders

Anders entered the fight a slight underdog and was visibly the slower more physical fighter but he was not able to use his size to wear down Jotko. Jotko landed 45% of his significant strikes thrown compared to Anders landing 25% of significant strikes.

In total Jotko landed 101 strikes to Anders's 67. Jotko won by unanimous decision, the judges scored the fight 29-28, 30-27 and 30-27. This was Anders's 10th appearance in the UFC, the loss drops his professional record to 13-5 and now 6-4 in the UFC.

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