These words are living in infamy.

NBC Sports analyst Mary Carillo is back in the limelight after her rant about badminton from the 2004 Summer Games has tarted circulating online again.

Carillo begins by talking about the equipment used in the game, but a little over a minute in the train jumps the tracks and she goes on a tangent about how much of a nightmare the game becomes when playing it in the backyard with your kids.

Her diatribe unfurls in a If You Give a Mouse a Cookie manner, in which one thing leads to another and before you know it, your entire neighborhood is in your backyard and you've somehow got a dented car and balls galore strewn about your yard in a futile attempt to get down the shuttlecock that inevitably winds up there.

Carillo's performance is spot-on, in that it is relateable and offers the perfect contrast to what happens when Olympic badminton is played. You may not watch the sport, but you have to admit her words make you more than just a little curious, right?

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