The former offensive lineman for the Crimson Tide, Barrett Jones, joined The Game with Ryan Fowler to talk about his introduciton into fatherhood, the NFL Draft and missing spring practice this year. Listen to the entire interview on our Tide 100.9 Youtube page.

Jones and Fowler talked about his new son and how Jones is adjusting to fatherhood. The offensive lineman admitted that his new son was a bigger baby than he was at birth. Jones bragged on his swaddling skills and Fowler gave him some key parenting advice.

Jones talked about the NFL Draft and how stressful the draft process is as a prospect. He told the audience what happens on the draft phone call, Jones was picked by the Rams so he revealed what Jeff Fisher told him when he was chosen. He expressed how exciting the process was and how it is exciting now as a fan to watch it unfold for others.

Fowler brought up spring practice and Jones conjectured that it would hurt the early enrolees the most as they would be less likely to contribute when the fall begins. They talked and agreed that the new coaches would be harmed without having spring practice to get comfortable with their new team. Jones said ideally a team would have eight weeks to prepare for the season, one month for conditioning and one month for fall camp.

Jones finished his interview by declaring his faith in Jesus and encouraging the listeners to persevere. He read a portion of Psalm 91 and discussed staying close to God and encouraging our listeners to examine their lives and prioritize their faith during this difficult time.

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