The Detroit Free Press and The Dan Patrick Show reported earlier in the day that the Big 10 held a vote to cancel its 2020 season. Dan Patrick reported that the conference voted 12-2 in favor of cancelling the season and that Nebraska and Iowa were the two dissenting schools. According to Heather Dinich of ESPN and Nicole Auerbach of The Athletic the Big 10 has not held a vote yet.

The Big 10 has now seen a number of its players and coaches take to social media appealing to its administrators with the hope of salvaging a season.

Michigan's Head Coach Jim Harbaugh took to Twitter to give his reasoning for wanting to hold a season. Harbaugh believes the protocols that the Big 10 have put in place will keep its players safe. Michigan has administered 893 COVID-19 tests and has had 11 positive tests thus far.

Nebraska's Scott Frost has appeared determined to play a season this year and has flirted with the idea of playing a season as a member of the Big 12 or play as an independent this season.

He advocates that the players are safer on campus and are in a more structured environment in a college football setting with top notch medical provision.

Ohio State wide receivers coach Brian Hartline suggested the Buckeyes join the SEC for the season if the Big 10 does go through with the cancellation of the season.

ESPN college football analyst and former Ohio State quarterback, Kirk Herbstreit reported that the Big 10 is not looking to cancel the season but merely delay it. Currently the season is scheduled to begin on September 5.

Would the conference delay the start of the season or move it to the spring to play in 2021?

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