The Big 10 and Pac-12 conferences decided yesterday that they would not play football in the fall of 2020, leaving many to question the fate of college football this year. Can you play football if two of the Power 5 member conferences opt-out of the season?

The presidents of the Big 12 universities met yesterday after the announcement from the Big 10 and Pac-12 to discuss if the conference would still plan to play football this fall.

According to Pete Thamel of Yahoo Sports and SoonerScoop, the Oklahoma Rivals affiliate, the Big 12 presidents decided to continue to move forward towards a fall season. The conference is expected to announce a schedule in the coming days after the athletic directors approval. Earlier in the month the conference decided it would opt for a nine game conference schedule, plus one out-of-conference game.

The Big 12 was largely seen as a conference that could go either way with its decision, choosing to move forward with football improves the optics for the SEC and ACC to do the same.

The Big 12 also decided to increase its medical protocols surrounding COVID-19 testing and the after effects of having the virus, specifically as it pertains to myocarditis.

While the Big 12's decision yesterday does not guarantee college football this season, it served as a tourniquet to extend hope for college football fans in the other three Power 5 conferences.

The next major hurdle will come when students officially return to campus. Keeping athletes protected from COVID-19 while integrating the student-body to campus will be an important step towards having a football season.

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