Last week, Bleacher Report writer Matt Hayes wrote an article that would add more fuel to the fire of the Alabama quarterback competition between Jalen Hurts and Tua Tagovailoa.

In the article, Hayes talked with Jalen Hurts father and he suggested that if he did not win the starting quarterback job at Alabama, he would consider transferring. The article even caught the eye of Nick Saban and he discussed talking with Jalen's father and having a understanding.

After his performance during the A-Day game, the conversation has been brought up again and many fans can see the possibility of him transferring a realty more than just a article on Bleacher Report.

Hayes joined The Game with Ryan Fowler to discuss his biggest takeaway from the article, the article being more about Jalen will to no give up at the quarterback position rather than transferring, how much demand would it be from other teams if he does decide to transfer.

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